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A Memoir,
A Novel,
A Legacy of Love


About the Author

Dr. Lori Goss-Reaves is a Professor of Social Work and an advocate for individuals with special needs. Through her work as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Dr. Reaves inspired families to tell their own stories of resilience, hope, and love. As the only daughter of a Navy Corpsman, killed in action in Vietnam, Dr. Reaves believes the entire family serves when a loved on joins the armed forces. Her published works include two book chapters, academic articles in peer-reviewed journals, a book forward, and three book reviews.


Dr. Reaves is married to a syndicated cartoonist, Eric Reaves, who draws the Hi and Lois comic strip. Eric was a ghost artist who now signs his daily strips written by Brian and Greg Walker. Lori and Eric together raised five children, relying on a sense of humor to lead the way. Five grandchildren are now their crowning glory. 

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Kiss Lori For Me is a touching and riveting story which draws the reader in and keeps them involved with main characters we care about. We follow along as Lori searches for answers as to what really happened the Dad she never met, a Navy Corpsman killed in Vietnam. Over the course of decades seeking the truth, she finds she becomes part of a whole new family.


D 1/5, RVN 69-70, Author of "Corpsman Up"

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