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Larry Jo Goss Peace Home

On my first  trip to Vietnam, I conducted research with the 2 Sides Project. Margot Carlson Delogne, founder of the 2 Sides Project, deserves much praise for her vision to create a way to connect the 2 sides - Vietnamese children and U.S. children whose fathers were killed in the Vietnam War. Thank you, Margot. Through partnering with the 2 Sides Project, I have collected donations to build a home, named a "peace home," for a family in the Montagnard village in Vietnam. Several of these peace homes have been built in Vietnam, but this one, named after my dad, is the first of hopefully many in the Montagnard village.


Something Positive

On July 26, 2021 a young Montgnard family received a new home thanks to the generous donations of people who wanted to honor my dad’s life. Thank you! At the base of where my dad was killed there now stands the Larry Jo Goss Peace Home. The little girl pictured above, along with her mom and sibling (who is soon to arrive) will now sleep in a home safe from pouring rain (especially important during monsoon season). Their floor is no longer dirt and their lives are changed for the good!


At the place where the worst thing in my life happened there is now something positive. At the place where a kind, generous, and wonderful man was killed trying to save the life of a wounded Marine, a financially poor family now have a better life. Eric and I hope to return to Vietnam one day to see this house and walk the ridge one more time. Maybe this little girl will one day want to come to college in the US and we can support her financially. That is a big dream but we serve a big big God.

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